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We were a band of programmers inventing our startups, and now we are executive, professor, researcher, activist, mechanic, gardener, parent, and grandparent. Half are in semiretirements, and the other half is chasing the dreams of our youth.

The #be-nice-2020 is our latest collaboration.

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Demystify AI and Deep Learning Series by Duc Haba


  1. Hot off the press. "AI Start Here (A1SH)" on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub (July 2021)
  2. "Fast.ai Book Study Group #G1FA" on LinkedIn on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub (January 2021)
  3. "Augmentation Data Deep Dive (AUD3)" on Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub (December 2020)
  4. "Demystify Neural Network NLP Input-data and Tokenizer" on LinkedIn, GitHub (November 2020)
  5. "Python 3D Visualization " on LinkedIn, GitHub (September 2020)
  6. "Demystify Python 2D Charts" on LinkedIn, GitHub (September 2020)
  7. "Norwegian Blue Parrot" Website (August 2020)
  8. "The Texas Two-Step, The Hero of Digital Chaos" on LinkedIn
  9. "Be Nice 2020" Movement Website (January 2020)
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